February 13, 2020

Live Transcoder control API

Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder is well known for its drag-and-drop web UI which allows setting up live stream transformation of any complexity using any browser.

However we have a number of users who need to have some automation of Transcoder operations.

Our team introduced our first approach to Transcoder API.

Visit this WMSPanel API page to see all details of API setup and usage.

The operations which you can do over Transcoder instance are as follows:

  • Retrieve the list of transcoder scenarios
  • Get details of particular scenario
  • Pause and resume particular scenario
  • Delete an existing transcoder scenario

So having a set of scenarios for your servers, you can operate them just like you can do it from scenarios list in UI.

If you need more API call, please feel free to share them using our helpdesk so we could prioritize features in our wishlist.

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