March 4, 2020

Using Certbot with Nimble Streamer working on port 80

When you start using Certbot with Nimble Streamer, you may face the use case when Nimble Streamer is running on port 80. We'll show how this part can be handled.

If you follow this instruction for Certbot on step "4. Choose how you'd like to run Certbot", you need to choose "No, I need to keep my web server running." option.

This setup considers serving Cerbot's  '.well-known; 'folder by Nimble Streamer.

To make it available do the following.

1. Create a folder /pub/.well-known, assign nimble as an owner using the following commands:
sudo mkdir /pub/.well-known
sudo chown nimble:nimble /pub/.well-known
sudo chmod 775 /pub/.well-known
You can use any folder location, but please change it accordingly in other steps.

2. Go to Nimble Streamer -> HTTP origin applications top menu. Click on Add origin application and set .well-known as shown on the screenshot :

3. Choose Nimble Streamer -> Edit Nimble Routes menu and click on Add VOD streaming route then set it as shown on a screenshot.

4. Execute the following command to get certificates, with your_domain_name replaced with your domain name:
certbot certonly --webroot -w /pub -d your_domain_name

That's it. Now you may proceed with Certbot setup instructions from our original article.

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