April 12, 2020

Nimble Streamer DRM with Widevine, FairPlay, Playready, EZDRM and VCAS

Softvelum team is glad to announce that Nimble Streamer now has full support for a number of Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities for live streaming.

The following encryption engines are supported to protect MPEG-DASH:
  • Google Widevine™
  • Microsoft Playready™
Also, Apple FairPlay is supported t protect Apple HLS streams.

The following key management servers are supported:
  • Widevine Cloud Service with key rotation
  • EZDRM™ key management support for Widevine, FairPlay and Playready
Also, previously supported Verimatrix™ VCAS key management for HLS protection is fully supported.

DRM configuration is performed via easy-to-use configuration file which allows defining per-application setting for all available DRM features.

Visit DRM feature page to learn more about DRM setting.

Nimble DRM is part of Nimble Addenda premium package which requires a license accessible via monthly subscription. Addenda covers Nimble DRM and Nimble Advertizer capabilities.

Please read Nimble DRM spec and subscribe for a license to try it in action.

Later on we'll release some other popular key management systems, let us know which one you're looking for the most.

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