August 18, 2020

Live Transcoder simultaneous upgrade

Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder is widely used among Softvelum customers. The core technology of the Transcoder combines both Softvelum team's own know-how and third-parties' work. Those third parties are listed on a corresponding page. One of those elements is FFmpeg which is used for filtering and some decoding operations. We periodically upgrade our code base to work with one of the latest stable releases as it has a number of important fixes and improvements. So in order to keep pace with FFmpeg, our team had to make adjustments and use FFmpeg version 4.2.4.

New FFmpeg version requires changes in both Nimble Streamer and Live Transcoder. So if you decide to make upgrade of Nimble Streamer then in order to make smooth transition Nimble and Transcoder packages will have to be upgraded simultaneously. If one of the packages is upgraded without its counterpart, then live transcoding will stop working.

We'll be releasing new packages for all platforms during next few days.
If you plan upgrading Nimble Streamer to 3.7.0-1 please also upgrade Transcoder package.

Here is what you need to do in order to complete this upgrade the correct way.

For Ubuntu and Debian, run this command
apt-get update
apt-get install nimble nimble-transcoder

For CentOS, run this command
sudo yum makecache
sudo yum install nimble nimble-transcoder

You may also run procedures from Live Transcoder installation page first and then Nimble Streamer upgrade page one after another do get the same result. If you have Windows, you also need to follow this path.

So we recommend you to perform this simultaneous upgrade when you have time and resource for that.

After the upgrade is complete, your Nimble Streamer package version will be 3.7.0-1 and Live Transcoder package version will be 1.1.3-1.

If you have any questions or face any issues during the upgrade, please contact us using our helpdesk.

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