November 18, 2020

Nimble Live Transcoder API

Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder add-on has a convenient web UI allowing to control transcoding scenarios and pipelines via browsers. However many customers need even more flexibility so they'd like to use API to control server behavior.

WMSPanel control API now has Transcoder scenarios section which provides a list of methods to control Live Transcoder behavior via API calls.

The overall approach for Transcoder API usage is as follows.

  • Use web UI to create some general-purpose scenarios which you consider as templates. You may use your existing scenarios as well. The rest is done via the API calls.
  • Clone a designated scenario on the same server. This is what you will change via further API calls.
  • Apply any scenario to multiple servers just like you would do via the web UI by making its update and setting servers_to_apply parameter in your call.
  • Besides an update, each scenarios can be paused, resumed and even removed.
  • Each scenario has its video and audio pipelines (you can see them via UI) and you can remove them if they are not needed in some particular case.
  • For each pipeline, you will be able to change applications and streams names for encoders input and decoders output.
  • For each pipeline you can change some basic parameters of existing filters.

This way you may create some general purpose scenarios, pause them to make them to be templates, then clone a many as you want and then narrow them to specific cases.

Read more about WMSPanel API and transcoder control API methods on API reference page.

In addition to that, take a look at Transcoder documentation reference just to see if you've missed some of latest features. Our YouTube channel has Transcoder playlist with video tutorials on some popular use cases.

If you have any questions regarding the Transcoder or its API, please feel free to contact our heldpesk.

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