January 26, 2022

Support for CEA subtitles: CEA-608 in MPEG-DASH and CEA-708 in HLS

 Nimble Streamer has wide support for MPEG-DASH live streaming, including subtitles processing.

When CEA-608 subtitles are integrated into a video track, most players require those subtitles to be declared in the manifest, otherwise a viewer cannot select them at all.

This tag is used in a manifest for the declaration:

<Accessibility schemeIdURI="urn:scte:dash:cc:cea-608:2015" value="CC1=lang">

where value contains the number of the track with subtitles and their language, e.g. "CC1=eng".

This option can be set in server settings under Nimble Streamer / Live Streams Settings menu in Global  tab in CEA-608/CEA-708 settings field.

This setting is applied to live and DVR output streams.

The format is as follows:
<app1>[/<stream>]:N=<lang>[;N=<lang>] <app2>[/<stream>]:N=<lang>[;N=<lang>]
Each new application is separated by a space. Here's an example where all streams for "live_app" application will have first track with Russian subtitles:

For MPEG-DASH CEA-608 the setting is simply "live_app:1=rus". This is what you'll see in a manifest:
<Accessibility schemeIdURI="urn:scte:dash:cc:cea-608:2015" value="CC1=rus">
For HLS CEA-708 it's "live_app:708.1=rus"

This is how you'll see it in your player:

You may combine settings for multiple apps and streams, e.g. for DASH CEA it would be
live_app:1=eng;2=rus live_app2/stream1:1=eng;2=fra
will set two tracks for all streams in "live_app" application and also will define two tracks for a single "live_app2/stream1" stream.

If you want to set a setting for entire server, just skip "app=" part. E.g. for HLS CEA-708 set parameter to "708.1=eng"

Please also take a look at Subtitles digest page to see what else Nimble can do for you.

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