March 17, 2022

Quick URL Import

We’d like introduce our new improvement to the WMSPanel called Quick URL Import.

The Quick URL Import button in MPEGTS IN and UDP Streaming tabs in Live Streams Settings menu will help instantly transfer publishing or ingest URL from your stream provider to Nimble. Feel free to use it with UDP, HTTP, HLS, SRT or RIST protocols.

The standard URI is accepted as:

This will save your time on editing settings if you have stream URL with encoded parameter in the URL.

Quick import will recognize the stream protocol and additional parameters in the URL and the accepted parameters will be automatically filled as options in the corresponding fields.

For SRT, you may even use the streamid format proposed by the Haivision. The RIST URL syntax supported as described on this documentation page.

Just find a green Quick URL Import button on MPEGTS IN or UDP Streaming tabs.

Then fill in the URL. Depending on a protocol, a new window will appear after the Add setting button is pressed. As the URL is parsed, the parameters will be filled in the corresponding fields.

Add more parameters like stream name to have a complete setting and you're good to go with the streaming.

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