July 25, 2023

AV1 live streaming support in Nimble Streamer

AOMedia Video 1 codec, or AV1, is a free codec that is being widely adopted by the streaming media industry. Its support is now provided by various hardware and software products.

Nimble Streamer software media server now supports AV1 codec in various transport protocols and delivery options.

AV1 Input

Currently the conventional live streaming protocol to deliver AV1 is RTMP. Using Enhanced RTMP spec, it's possible to deliver AV1 as well as HEVC content.

Nimble Streamer supports Enhanced RTMP to receive AV1 from any source that supports this technology.

It's also possible to receive AV1 via MPEG-TS-based protocols:

However, since it's not standardized yet in MPEGTS transport, this is available only for the sources powered by Nimble Streamer (see output section below).

AV1 Output

Having AV1 taken into the Nimble Streamer instance, you may generate various output options.

You may generate MPEG-DASH live streams that your customer  are able to play on various platforms.

Our own SLDP low latency delivery technology may also carry AV1 and play it in the browsers using SLDP HTML5 Player.

Nimble Playout - a technology for server playlist generation - supports AV1 for MPEG-DASH output. So you may combine various sources with that codec.

Nimble DVR also allows recording of AV1 from available sources and providing playback via MPEG-DASH.

Last but not least, you may restream AV1 via RTMP. In addition, you may publish SRT in all output modes to other Nimble Streamer instances.

VOD AV1 support

Notice that you may transmux your AV1 VOD files to MPEG-DASH VOD streams. Along with live streaming this covers a wide variety of streaming use cases.

Install Nimble Streamer today and try this feature in action.

We continue improving AV1 feature set to add decoding and encoding capabilities.

Let us know of your thought and feedback about AV1 usage.


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