February 2015 news

February brought us interesting updates for both Nimble Streamer and WMSPanel.

Before you read it, check WMSPanel company page in LinkedIn.
Also, check our traditional State of Streaming Protocols digest for February 2015.


In-depth statistics were updated with a couple of long-awaited features.

Those customers who use WMSAuth paywall feature set, may find the following article useful: Using WMSAuth paywall with CloudFlare and other proxies.
Also, check Paywall FAQ, it has a few updates as well.

Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer now has support for Windows platform. This allows our users to install it on Windows servers as well as trying it on their Windows laptops. Use Nimble installation page to see Windows setup procedure.

If you consider balancing scenarios for their infrastructures, may face difficulties with balancing HTTP-based streaming protocols. Read HLS, DASH and Icecast streaming load balancing article to see how you can implement efficient balancing techniques.

Nimble Streamer provides a number of security-related features. Now this feature set was improved with AES-128 encryption support for HLS to cover DRM-related scenarios for both live and VOD streaming.

Those Nimble users who provide VOD, will like the following features:

Icecast streamers will definitely like Icecast metadata support in Nimble.

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Check also updates for January.

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