August 2, 2013

White label panel via SSL

WMSPanel as white label branded panel is one of the most popular features for customers who show their statistics to client. People like to have ability to present reports via custom domain with custom logo without mention of WMSPanel itself.

Initial access to WMSPanel is done via SSL protocol, so you see "https://" at the beginning of each URL. That improves the security of data transmission between customer browser and our service. When a customer sets up branded panel via white label, we does not have HTTPS access anymore by default. This is because this requires a purchase of SSL certificate and must be done by the customer himself.

What if you want to keep your traffic secured with SSL? You can buy SSL certificate and set up a domain with SSL proxy to our website.

Here are the steps to make your branded panel available via HTTPS. Let's say you want to have branded panel for

  1. Set up domain in your DNS.
  2. In your WMSPanel account go to Settings / Branded panel menu and add domain with proper logo.
  3. Bring up SSL proxy at one of the servers in your infrastructure.
  4. Set up domain in your DNS.
  5. Buy a certificate for
  6. In your SSL proxy, map to

That's it. When you go to, your request is redirected to the domain which is handled in WMSPanel as branded domain. So all pages will have proper logo for everyone who accesses the panel via new domain.

You can contact us if you have any questions or if you need to purchase an SSL certificate for your branded panel.

White label is also applicable for working with Nimble Streamer, the light-weight HTTP streaming server for HLS, Smooth and progressive download. WMSPanel is an official GUI for Nimble Streamer.

Read more about slice-related features in on the dedicated Slices & Branding page.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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