August 13, 2013

Wowza statistics for clients of CDN services

Content Delivery Networks became the key element of today's streaming infrastructure. So lots of businesses use CDNs for bringing their content to users' devices.

However not everyone is happy about the statistics they get within CDN reporting. The main concerns are:

  • Not sure about data accuracy;
  • Need more reports;
  • Need more flexibility in accessing stats.

So people need to compare their reports with some other source of information and have the data being accessible in a convenient way.

WMSPanel can help in case your CDN uses Wowza for delivery at the edges. Here is what a CDN needs to do to have WMSPanel reporting experience help the CDN users.

  1. Sign up in WMSPanel. They can try it 2 weeks free of charge, just as any other newcomer.
  2. Install WMSPanel agent on its edge servers, at least on the servers that are used for delivery of your content.
  3. Create data slice for the servers and applications that are used by you and create user accounts for you.

If you want some other people to watch your statistics you may ask your CDN to set up an access via white label panel to show your stats via custom URL and logo. This gives some reporting flexibility. You may also get reports that are not available at some of the CDNs. Like, duration report, high precision report or lost traffic stats.

Needless to say that a CDN may use WMSPanel as an extra service either to make some money on it or to create some added value on top of traditional services.

Now demand your CDN to use WMSPanel as the reporting solution!

Read more use cases in our Case study section.

Also read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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