August 11, 2013

Nimble Smooth re-streaming

Our team is continuously expanding Nimble Streamer capabilities. One of major use cases for Nimble is HTTP re-streaming. The first step was handling HLS and now we've done the next step and implemented Microsoft Smooth Streaming support for edge servers.

Now if you have an origin that streams with Smooth, all you need to do is the following steps:

  1. Install Nimble Streamer. Small Ubuntu virtual server would be fine for this purpose. You can set it up either close to your viewers or just next to your server to make a smart proxy.
  2. Set up re-streaming routes using WMSPanel web interface. You specify where your requests will come to (which domain or IP used by Nimble Streamer) and where those requests should be redirected (like, your Wowza origin).
  3. Change your player settings in order to point to a new server.
  4. You can also install Nimble as load balancer to forward your users' requests to the best re-streaming location.

Small Nimble executable is optimized for streaming while smart RAM caching and disk caching off-loads your origin, whether it's Wowza, IIS or any other media streaming server. This makes a truly transparent streaming so you'll be all set for new Smooth re-streaming experience.

Notice that you can also use HTTP hotlinking protection and geo-location restriction to protect your media while building paywalls for mobile media. Take a look at this SlideShare to learn more about other Nimble Streamer features.

If you have any questions or special use cases you'd like to cover, feel free to contact Nimble Streamer development team.

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  1. The next big thing is MP4-to-HLS transmuxing to make Nimble Streamer be the fast and nimble origin for HLS streams.

    HDS re-streaming is definitely going to be implemented after that.

    Please share your use cases for HTTP (re-)streaming, any feedback is welcomed.


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