July 3, 2016

Enable hardware acceleration for Intel Quick Sync in Linux

Nimble Streamer Transcoder supports Intel® Quick Sync technology for both software video encoding and hardware encoding acceleration using Intel® processors feature set. Nimble Streamer allows using Quick Sync as a H.264 video encoder in transcoding scenarios.

Once you have Quick Sync installed, the software encoding is available in our Transcoder by default while hardware acceleration needs to be enabled separately.

The instruction below describes how to enable hardware acceleration on Linux. CentOS 7.1 is required for Quick Sync acceleration to work properly, other distributives and versions cannot be applicable.

The current releases of Intel SDK only support Haswell and Broadwell architectures.

1. Install CentOS

Install 64-bit CentOS 7.1-1503 from http://vault.centos.org/7.1.1503/isos/x86_64/

When installing, you should use the "Development and Creative Workstation" base environment.
Do not update the system via yum update. The installed default components are required.

2. Install Intel® Media Server Studio

Install Intel® Media Server Studio Free Community Edition for Linux from https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-media-server-studio according to Intel® Media Server Studio Getting Started Guide:

As root

# usermod -a -G video [LOGIN]

As regular user

$ tar -xvzf MediaServerStudio*.tar.gz $ cd MediaServerStudio* $ tar -xvzf SDK*.tar.gz $ cd SDK* $ cd CentOS $ tar -xvzf install_scripts*.tar.gz 

As root

# ./install_sdk_UMD_CentOS.sh
# mkdir /MSS
# chown {regular user}:{regular group} /MSS

As regular user:

$ cp build_kernel_rpm_CentOS.sh /MSS
$ cd /MSS
$ ./build_kernel_rpm*.sh

As root:

# cd /MSS/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64
# rpm -Uvh kernel-3.10.*.rpm
# reboot

3. Install Nimble Streamer Transcoder

Follow Transcoder CentOS 7 installation procedure.

You're all set now and you can use hardware acceleration on Windows with our live Transcoder.

We keep improving the Transcoder feature set, contact us for any questions.

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