July 11, 2016

VP6, VP8 and VP9 transmuxing in Nimble Streamer

Live transmuxing feature set of Nimble Streamer now covers support for VP6, VP8 and VP9 codecs. Let's see how you can use them in Nimble Streamer.

VP6 via RTMP

VP6 codec is supported only in RTMP protocol. Nimble Streamer has wide RTMP feature set, so you can create full-scale VP6 transmuxing scenarios which includes the following:

  • receiving VP6 content as published stream;
  • get RTMP pulled streams, including pull by request scenario;
  • transmuxing VP6 for RTMP playback;
  • performing RTMP re-publishing to allow delivery to other destinations like your edge servers or third-party CDN.

VP8 and VP9 via RTSP

VP8 and VP9 codec are supported only in RTSP protocol. Nimble Streamer also has RTSP feature set, and VP8/VP9 transmuxing scenarios cover the same set of features:

VP6, VP8 and VP9 playback capabilities all have support for our paywall features like hotlink protectiongeo-blocking or pay-per-view framework.

Another great security option is publish control for VP6/VP8/VP9 streaming which allows applying your business logic to the streams that are published by third-parties.

Also check full list of codecs supported by Nimble Streamer.

Transcode VP8 and VP9

Nimble Live Transcoder supports VP8/VP9 transcoding, read this article for more details.

As you see, Nimble Streamer allows full-scale streaming with all mentioned codecs, from input to multiple destination output. This is done with high performance and low resource usage which allows building delivery networks with low cost of ownership.

If you have any VP codecs family feature request, feel free to contact us about it.

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