July 14, 2016

AC3 and E-AC3 support in Nimble Streamer transmuxing

Nimble Streamer has extended audio-related features. This includes processing of AAC as a primary codec. However, a lot of people use other codecs.

Nimble Streamer supports AC3 and E-AC3 audio codec for transmuxing.

  • As input, AC3 and E-AC3 is supported in SRT, RISTRTSPMPEG-TSHLS incoming streams.
  • As output, AC3 and E-AC3 is supported in SLDPSRTRISTRTSPMPEG-TS and HLS outgoing streams via re-packaging.
  • AC3 is also supported in DVR output.

This could easily be supported in MPEG-DASH as well if modern players could handle it in live streaming scenarios.

Also check full list of codecs supported by Nimble Streamer.

If you need any help on this feature set, feel free to contact us.

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