December 8, 2016

NVENC decoder in Nimble Live Transcoder

Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder has full support for NVidia video transcoding hardware acceleration. Having the hardware capable of the processing and drivers properly installed, our customer can choose NVENC to handle processing.

NVidia® Products with the Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal generation GPUs contain a dedicated accelerator for video decoding and encoding, called NVENC, on the GPU die. You can take a look at the list of NVidia GPUs capable of that.

We've previously described the NVidia encoding setup. Now lets see how hardware-based decoding can be used.

In the transcoding scenario you need to point to video decoder blue rectangle (with a film on it) and then click on appeared gear button.

You'll see decoder settings dialog. In the Decoder drop-down list it will show "Default" option. This is a software decoder used by Nimble Transcoder by default.

To use GPU decoder, choose NVENC from from list. This will pick up NVidia GPU to take action.

The GPU field is a number which allows specifying the sequential number of physical GPU to process the decoding. So if you want to specify exact GPU to decode specific stream, you need to type the number, e.g. 0, 1 etc. for as many GPUs as you have. 

Many Nvidia GPU cards have encoding sessions count restricted to 2 active sessions, the decoding sessions are not limited. So you can use even GTX card to help the transcoder to decode with no limitation.

If you'd like to use software decoder though - please check this article.
We keep improving our transcoder feature set, contact us for any questions.

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