November 30, 2016

November news

We've made a few significant updates in November.

First, Larix mobile SDK for iOS has been updated with a new feature - Auto Focus Lock (AF-L). Just long press anywhere in the preview, and AF is locked until you tap to re-focus.
Use this page to proceed with SDK license subscription.

Nimble Streamer has a few updates as well.

Published Icecast streams can now be processed in Nimble Streamer. Read this article to see how it's set up and find out more about audio streaming scenarios supported by Nimble Streamer.

If you face any artifacts when publishing streams via UDP to Nimble Streamer, read this post describing the steps to avoid them.

WMSPanel non-admin users can now be granted permission by account admins to control Nimble Streamer instances. Please read this article for more details.

Last but not least, if you use WMSPanel API to control Nimble instances, you may set up threshold notifications to be alerted when you make too many API requests and are close to reach the calls limit. Visit this page for details.

The last but not the least update: check the State of Streaming Protocols for November 2016.

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