December 28, 2016

December news

The year of 2016 is almost over so prior to posting a year summary we'd like to highlight some significant updates from December.

Live Transcoder

Live Transcoder decoding and encoding capabilities were improved:

We've also added an article about setting constant bitrate for transcoding with x264.

This all improves efficiency and overall user experience of our Live Transcoder.

Nimble Streamer

Nimble has interesting update for ABR. You can now add multiple language streams into ABR stream. So you can combine N video and M audio streams for further usage in any player.


Icecast live metadata can now be added to any outgoing Icecast stream using WMSPanel UI. Read this article for details. This is a good addition to existing Icecast metadata pass-through.

Read about more audio streaming scenarios supported by Nimble Streamer.

Larix mobile SDK

Larix mobile SDK has been updated.

Android SDK has several new features:

  • Set custom white balance, exposure value and anti-flicker;
  • Long press preview to focus lens to infinity, double tap to continuous auto focus.
  • Use volume keys to start broadcasting;
  • Use a selfie stick  to start broadcasting;

iOS SDK has minor fixes and improvements for streaming.

Use this page to proceed with SDK license subscription.

In a few days we'll also release a yearly summary of our company. 

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