January 30, 2012

Server downtime notification

Being a streamer means that your assets are always online. And if something goes wrong and becomes invisible from outside, you'll need to know about that.

Recently we've re-designed and re-implemented a small but nice feature that might be interested for many of our customers. A customer may now set a list of emails which will get a special notification when a server goes down, like reboot or power outage or anything else.

The email notification is set after 20 minutes of not getting sync-ups from the server.

So once you register any server you may go to Control menu and check corresponding link:

Control top menu.

Once you enter the set up page, you can add or delete any number of emails. You can also send a test notification by pressing corresponding button. In this case all recipients will get the same alert as they would get after real downtime.

Offline notifications setup

Once anything happens to a server and it goes offline - you'll know about it within a few minutes after a small timeout via email alert. As soon as it gets back, you'll be notified.

You may also use downtime notifications push API to process the offline events in some other way in addition to just sending emails.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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