January 31, 2012

Reporting bandwidth and traffic


Media streaming statistics primarily show the data which is answering basic questions. How many users did I have during some period of time? Who are they? What did they get from company's servers?

First question is answered by showing various streams count reports. There are dozens of possible reports that may show any slice of data that might help understanding the numbers. WMSPanel provides basic time line charts that show real-time and retrospective data. Most of the needs are covered by those graphs.

The "who" question may be answered in a different ways but most important thing to be discovered are geographical location and user software description. Geographical location is covered by real-time geo-location report showing flags and names of the countries that currently are streaming all media. We plan to extend this type of info with retrospective geo data. Software description includes data like streaming software ("user agent"), operating system, system language etc. This data is not critical but it might be interesting, so we plan including these reports in the future.

The content reports show streams names and their statistics. Another important set of reports which is currently supported is a bandwidth and traffic usage.

Basically this kind of reports shows how much data was transferred to and from users to get the understanding of traffic consumption. Also some customers might need to know bandwidth used by applications and servers.

Let's start from bandwidth. Its graphics are combined with connections count chart - both real time and retrospective with the scale being located on the right from "Connections". Real-time chart shows current bandwidth happening during last couple of minutes in addition to streams count.

Retrospective connections report has the same kind of data but during chosen period of time.

Wowza Media Server provides additional information regarding calculated traffic. To see traffic reports we go to "Traffic reports". This link is only available is any of registered servers is Wowza.

There we see a graphic showing same a thin line that represents total traffic for incoming, outgoing and data lost during transmission. In terms of Wowza those kinds of traffic are called "Message in", "Message out" and "Message lost".


You can click on respective chart name to include or exclude it from the report. Just try it once you sign up and start using - it has some built-in nice animations :)

It's basically all kinds of information which a streamer might need to know about traffic and bandwidth

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Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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