June 27, 2013

Wowza application templates

If you intensively work with Wowza applications, you probably have typical settings which you apply to each new app. Of course there are variations but most parts of configs are taken from some previous settings.

Using WMSPanel Wowza server management feature set you can create applications of any kind with any config. So having some frequently used configs you needed to re-use old apps or keep your configs somewhere else.

Now we've added ability to save your template application configs and just re-use it any time you want. A template is a named XML configuration which is stored within WMSPanel.

First, you need to define templates to use. Go to ControlApplication templates menu.

Wowza application templates list.
Here you see the list of app templates. Each template may be cloned or removed. Clicking on Add template or on existing template name you will go to edit dialog with name, description and a convenient XML editor with proper coloring.

Creating Wowza application template.
Having templates defined, you can go to Control / Server management and go managing a required server. Then you click on Create application, you can select which template you can use for it. We've also made a few pre-defined templates so you could start creating your applications easily. You can check GoCoder support description to see example of GoCoder app template.

Create Wowza application from template.
Any existing application may be used for creating a template. Being in application configuration page, click on Save configuration as template button to make it.
Saving configuration as template.

You can create any number of templates and use them within your account along with pre-defined templates created by WMSPanel team. If you think you template should be good for everyone to re-use, please contact us so we could evaluate it and create as a global one.

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