July 2, 2013

Wowza and Nimble Streamer daily statistics reporting API

Many customers say that WMSPanel provides excellent reporting. That's true - we get as much information as we can from Wowza, combining it in the proper way and show via nice web interface available on any device.

Knowing that we have a lot of useful information for all metrics people want to get this data for further analysis within their own environment. Building custom stakeholder reports or charging clients using third-party billing - this requires raw data delivered on a regular basis. Of course we have CSV import for most of our reports, but many people prefer automated data collection.

And so we made a statistics push API for delivering your data to you. Go to Control / API setup menu and check the following form.

Set up Wowza statistics POST requests handler.
It allows setting up periodical export of data into your handler. The export is made each day, for the past day.
It also allows making data export on demand.

Here is how it works.

  1. You create a handler on your web site. This should be a web application that may receive and handle HTTP POST requests.
  2. You set up URL and Token for sending the data. URL must point to a valid handler. Token is not yet used but it will be used in later API versions for secure your data transfer.
  3. Clicking on Save button you will schedule the periodical data export. The data is scheduled to be exported each day after midnight once the system has available resources for it. We guarantee that you get your data for previous day even though we cannot predict the exact time of arrival.
  4. Clicking on Export button you set your data export request into the FIFO queue of manual requests. The system takes requests one by one from the queue every minute and processes them.
  5. Once the system takes any data export request, it makes HTTP POST request and sends it to the handler. The request body contains JSON-formatted daily statistics for each data slice in the customer account. Please find our github-hosted JSON sample.

So having set up the handler, you can be sure you get previous day information next day. If you need specific date range, you click on Export and specify dates. After several minutes you get required info. This is especially useful for testing purposes when you implement and debug your handler.

Set date range for manual export.
Having this feature set you can use WMSPanel Wowza statistics not only via excellent web interface available on any device but also within your own system.

You can also use streams publish/un-publish events notifications API in case you need to know when your stream goes down.

Please also check full WMSPanel API reference for other API methods.

Contact us if you have any specific questions or if you have any other feature request for our API. We're opened for any feedback and we plan extending this functionality.

Please also check full WMSPanel API reference for other API methods.
This statistics export is also available for Nimble Streamer, the light-weight HTTP streaming server for HLS, Smooth and progressive download. WMSPanel is an official GUI for Nimble Streamer.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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