July 29, 2013

WMSPanel products for education

Education is a big area of online media industry. Universities and colleges provide video to improve educational process. We get more customers from this field so let's see how WMSPanel and its features and products help educational organizations.

Discount and yearly payment

Geo-location reporting usually requires additional monthly fee. For education, it's free. This gives a 20% discount in compare to basic price. In addition, a yearly subscription is also available because accounting departments prefer having single payment rather than periodical. So having a discount, the yearly price starts with 240 USD per year.

Camera streaming and recording control

Recording or providing live cast of lectures requires the ability to control streaming process. This is where server management and MediaCaster and LiveStreamRecord streams control capabilities can help. You can set up equipment, set up Wowza setting and set up streams control to allow start/stop/reset cameras streams as well as start and stop stream recording to files.

This may be done not only by some IT person but also by any teacher because WMSPanel allows delegate streams control to non-admin users. So the lecturer can start camera stream, start recording to some central storage, then stop them when the lecture is over.

Controlling access to the media

If your education process is tightly integrated with video, you need to know who watched some course and make sure you have the right personal metrics that are not mixed up with other people.

That's where Pay-Per-View framework and WMSAuth protection technologies can help. You can integrate your student management system with your video delivery via pay-per-view which provides statistics for every unique viewer (which basically is a student in our case). So every student may have the courses metrics. Since PPV is based on WMSAuth, the links to the video cannot be re-streamed so you can be sure it's truly unique metrics.


Of course, if you provide video for your lectures and seminars, you want to know how popular it is. The entire statistics feature set of WMSPanel work perfectly here. Daily statistics, high precision charts, even real time reporting - everything is applicable here.

To track separate courses you can use data slicing. That might be either slices based on Wowza applications or stream-based slices.

Of course you can also use WMSPanel as a white label to have your panel's look and feel like your own system.

Streaming infrastructure

Having recorded media files you need to make them available to the audience. There are two options here:

  • deliver them via progressive download;
  • make it available via adaptive streaming using HLS for delivery.

Both options are covered by Nimble Streamer.

It serves progressive download as both origin and edge server so you can set up some HTML5 or Flash player on your web page, then set up light-weight Nimble. That's it, the video is accessible.

It can also work as an edge for HLS streaming. So you may have Wowza Media Server preparing media for adaptive streaming and then deliver it via the network of small Streamers that will cache your data and deliver to multiple viewers. This is especially important for universities which open there courses online for free. So you set up a "multi-tool" Wowza as origin, then bring up any number of Nimble edges and your're ready to deliver.

Of course the same applies to live lectures which you might deliver to the audience sitting both within campus and outside of it. HLS works perfectly for live web casting so the same set up is good for it as well.

Panel accessibility from your network

Some organizations have strict network rules so people ask about internal on-site installations of WMSPanel. We do not provide custom deployments but the service may still be working fine. Just open SSL port 443 for outgoing connections to our service IP addresses (here's more than one IP as we support DNS failover). That's the only thing that is needed for our service to work with your infrastructure.

Now sign up to see our service in action or contact us to learn more about your particular case.

Read more use cases in our Case study section.

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