September 12, 2013

Lite slice cost reduction

In WMSPanel statistics are collected and accessed via data slices. It's a point of view at the data collected by all customer servers. They may be applications-based or streams-based. Our pricing is also based on slices - just because we need to pay for data processing and storage.

While data slice provides full variety of reporting, many customers want to get just a very basic statistics. Like, they don't need streams real-time reports, they just need daily statistics with geo and duration details. So we came to the option that would allow to reduce the reporting functionality of data slices in exchange to reduction of the price.

We call this option a "lite slice". Let's see what is the difference.

# of non-admin users per slice
Streams real-time chart
Deep statistics
Custom slice cost

Here are some details.

No streams' real-time and retrospective charts

If you go to "Streams report" for the full slice you can see the list of active streams which currently have connections. Each name is the link to the stream dashboard where you can see real-time chart with connections, bandwidth and top-20 countries of visitors, as well as retrospective charts for last 24 hours.

For lite slice, there will be no link to the page and no stream dashboard page itself. Just list of streams with number of current connections.

One non-admin user per slice

Lite slices are targeted for those small clients of our customers who check their simple stats on a periodical basis and don't need complicated workflow. That's why this kind of slices should be seen by just 1 user besides admin users.

In-depth statistics

Since lite slice has not streams data, the Deep stats are also not available for this slice type, sorry.

Default "Full data slice"

When account is created, a default Full data slice is created to collect all incoming data. You cannot convert it to lite slice due to that reason. So whatever custom slices you create, you can convert them between lite and full while default slice remains full.

Usage and Pricing

The limitations mentioned above are the only ones applicable for lite slices. All other reports and capabilities, including white label, billing or streams control, are used the same way as for full slices.

Stream-based slice
 is the best case for using this limitation because there an admin may set the streams name and so real-time chart for a slice will be the same as real-time chart for the stream. Application-based slices are also fine being lite, of course.

Reduced functionality allows reducing the price. It's cut by half. and it starts from 10 USD per month and goes down as you create more slices.

Create lite slices

Existing full slices may be converted to lite ones by following these steps:

  1. Click on Manage link in top menu for slices.
  2. For designated slice, click on Edit link
  3. In the new dialog box, un-check the "Show streams real-time and retrospective reports" check-box.
  4. Save changes

For new slice, this would be the same - just use the same check box.

If you want to switch back from lite slice to full slice then check the "Show streams real-time and retrospective reports" check-box and click the "Save" button.

Before your next billing period starts, our team representative will contact you regarding subscription price changes.

Read more about slice-related features in on the dedicated Slices & Branding page.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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