September 3, 2013

mpeg2ts analysis tool update

Working on Nimble Streamer and also on support of HLS statistics for Wowza, our team is continuously making researches regarding HLS, MPEG2TS, MPEG4. As a result we have several tools that help us building great solutions.

Today we've made an update for the mpeg2ts analysis tool. It analyses HLS *.ts files and gets containing streams' info. You can find some examples in this Wiki page.

Now we've added more info info the output, like Adaptation field info.
It is also now able to get and save PES packets info. This info includes all PES packets for all streams of current transport stream.

BTW, during the analysis we found that when ffmpeg tool makes MP4 to HLS transmuxing, it adds too many PAT and PMT tables into *.ts chunks. This doesn't comply with Apple recommendations and makes about 8% additional traffic overhead.
To compare, Wowza follows Apple's comments and makes perfect *.ts chunks.

You can use mpeg2ts analysis tool and make your own comparisons. This tool is part of our open source contribution, check our github repositories for more code.

You may also consider Nimble server tasks remote management via web console for convenient control of server-side commands. Launch any command, like ffmpeg process, with no need to log in via SSH, just an easy-to-use web interface.

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