December 25, 2013

Dispersa: a distributed streams availability check service

WMSPanel team proudly presents a new product for improving streaming media quality of service.

It's Dispersa, a service for distributed streams availability checking. This is a first step towards creating a service for checking the quality of experience.

If you're running a streaming media business you need to bring proper quality of service. This requires some significant effort. One of the basic but efficient practices is the stream availability check. This one needs some external point of view at your streaming infrastructure hence the additional efforts.

Currently you can enter a URL of the stream and make it checked over for free.

The following protocols are supported:
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS);
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS);
  • Smooth Streaming;
  • RTSP;
  • RTMP;
  • Icecast;
  • Shoutcast.
The stream is being checked in parallel from all of existing checkpoints. A checkpoint is a server with Nimble Streamer installed. Nimble is performing required check and sends results to WMSPanel which shows all performed actions on the monitoring dashboard.

We will be expanding this distributed network of checkpoints by adding new servers in various geographical points. You may also participate in this: you may add checkpoint at your own locations and be listed in our checkpoints page. Later on we'll add the ability to add checkpoints in your private networks to make all check-overs in closed environment.

Also try our 24/7 streams monitoring feature set with streams monitoring history. If you'd like to have same statistics within your monitoring or analytic tools, use Dispersa alerts push API to get notified about streams going offline and online.

Take a look at our screencast describing the service:

Q: My streaming network is protected with WMSPanel hotlinking protection. Can Dispersa work here?

Yes, just set up allow list for Dispersa checkpoints IP range.

Here's what we want to do next:
  • Profiling.
  • Quality of experience metrics.
Contact us if you need some specific or common use case - we're opened for feedback.

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