December 22, 2013

Nimble Streamer edges benchmark

People ask us about the performance metrics of Nimble Streamer. What are the minimum HW requirements? How many connections will it handle on particular server? Even though we have our internal test results, we're always looking for real life examples to prove our expectations and measurements.

One of our customers recently allowed making several snapshots of statistics which we'd like to show to you.

There were 13 Nimble Streamer machines actively re-streaming HLS from encoding origins. Here's how all servers real-time chat looked like (origins are excluded):

Real-time connections and bandwidth chart for Nimble-powered 13 edge servers.

As you see there were about 4000 connections total and they've generated almost 7.6Gbps of average bandwidth.
The incoming connections were balanced over all edge servers equally. Let's see some of those edge servers metrics.

This one has less than 1% CPU load and 500 MB RAM used for handling 170 connection at 300 Mbps.

CPU and RAM charts for one of Nimble Streamer edges.
Real-time chart for one of Nimble Streamer edges.

This one has less than 1% CPU and 480 MB RAM used for 270 connections at 130 Mbps.

CPU and RAM charts for another Nimble Streamer edge.
One more real-time report for Nimble Streamer edge.

As you see, Nimble Streamer doesn't consume CPU and much RAM being a re-streaming edge server so you can install it on any available small servers and off-load your encoding origin.

We'll keep posting other bench marking examples to show Nimble Streamer in action.

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