April 25, 2014

Selecting interface for incoming requests

Nimble Streamer is getting users' HTTP requests via some designated port using all available interfaces. Port number is specified in configuration file while our customers could not specify which interface Nimble should listen at.

That's why we introduced listen_interfaces configuration parameter. It's specified in in /etc/nimble/nimble.conf file just as any other config parameters. You can set up list of interfaces for Nimble to work with. If you have 2 IP addresses - one for web server and one for streaming media and you want both to work with port 80, then create this parameter in Nimble config and specify an IP which you need to be handled by Nimble Streamer.

By default Nimble Streamer listens to all interfaces which is an equivalent to this:
listen_interfaces = *
If you need Nimble to listen at single IP, specify it like this:
listen_interfaces =
Several interfaces are split by commas:
listen_interfaces =,

Once the parameter is specified, re-start Nimble:
sudo service nimble restart
That's it. Let us know if you have further questions regarding Nimble set up.

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