May 1, 2014

WMSAuth allow list for Dispersa checkpoints

Our customers often use several key features to build their streaming infrastructure. Paywall framework is among most popular as it provides hotlinking protection, geo-location blocking and other limitation scenarios. Many of those features' users also use Dispersa periodical streams monitoring to make sure the streams are online.

If some limitation or restriction is used for customer streaming, Dispersa checkpoints may not be able to access the streams because they are distributed across several countries. You may also add private checkpoint but still it will be denied by hotlinking protection.

To have those Dispersa servers be able to monitor protected streams you may use WMSAuth allow lists. Let's say you created hotlinking protection. You need to go to WMSAuth groups page and click on Manage custom IP ranges. There you need to add IP ranges for several single servers which are used as checkpoints.

Take a look at the screenshot for details:

IP addresses for Dispersa default checkpoints.
The exact IP addresses can be found by running "nslookup" command.

Now when IP range is created go to WMSAuth rule where you restrict unwanted visitors and add new range to allow list as shown in the screenshot below.

Adding Dispersa IP range to allow list.
Now click on Update WMSAuth rule and this will be applied to your servers.

Dispersa monitoring checkpoints will now be able to connect to your protected streams.

If you face any difficulties with this use cases, let us know about it so we could help.

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