May 22, 2014

Wowza CPU and RAM usage alert

Wowza customers are always looking for different ways to improve server performance. So they need to be sure that current server set up and tuning are doing fine and do not exceed CPU and RAM limits. So they need a way to be alerted about CPU and RAM status of each Wowza server. WMSPanel has been providing a real-time monitoring of Wowza CPU and RAM, so any moment a system admin may go to server details page and check what's going on.

Now we've made next step and WMSPanel now allows setting up a threshold for CPU and RAM consumption level and notify designated admins emails about resources overrun.

The set up consists of two steps.

Define limits

You need to define the thresholds for alerting an administrator. Click on Servers menu to go to servers list and click on Edit for designated server.

Setting up CPU and RAM limits for alerting Wowza admins.
Here you can select CPU and RAM level from the drop down list. Once the limit is reached, an email notification is launched to the emails which are set up on the second step. These alerts will be sent once an hour in case the consumption is still over the limit.

Set up notifications

In order to receive alerts you need to specify a list of emails that need to be notified. Go to Control / Offline notifications set up menu to see the setup page.

Set up alerts and notifications email addresses.

Here you will add or remove the email addresses and will be able to test them.

That's it. If any of the limits is overrun, the email is sent. It's done once an hour until you fix the problem or increase a threshold.

Contact us if you need any other Wowza monitoring capabilities in addition to CPU/RAM limits and Dispersa streams monitoring feature set.

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