June 30, 2014

Easy HLS re-streaming setup

Nimble Streamer supports multiple streaming techniques. Edge HLS re-streaming is one of the most popular cases. If you have HLS origin you can install several edge servers to improve robustness of your streaming infrastructure. So this use case is very popular among our users.

We continuously improve our user interface to simplify products usage so today we announce the HLS re-streaming wizard.

If you don't have Nimble installed, perform the installation. Now you need to tell your new server what it should do.

Choose Nimble Streamer / Edit Nimble Routes menu to open routes editing page. Now click on Re-streaming wizard button.

You will see a dialog where you can enter your origin stream URL and select which Nimble Streamer needs to process this stream.

Easy HLS re-streaming setup.

Once you specify both items you can see example of stream URL as available from edge server.

Now you can click on Create re-streaming route to perform it. You will see new route in list of routes.

Now you can use the example which you saw in the wizard or click on Get URL for player to see it.

If you find any other difficulties, just let us know about it, we're ready to help and improve our UI.

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