June 12, 2014

ISP networks report

Internet service provider is one of the key elements of delivery chain between a media hoster and a viewer. WMSPanel provides many metrics regarding a viewer and our customers want to know about the way the content is delivered.

WMSPanel now has ISP network report available under Reporting menu. It collects information about telecom operators and shows their names along with connections number information. You may select dates range to report as well as export data as CSV and view printer-friendly version.

This report is enabled as part of additional daily reporting set which also includes geo-location report. It's available per slice, meaning that the report shows collection of data defined by particular slice.

Internet service providers reports.

This page shows chart chart for top 10 telecoms with 11th part showing the "long tail" of companies with small share. Companies list below shows their names, connections count and their share. By default it shows top 20 with ability to show all companies, top 100 and also define filter by name.

If you'd like to see some other reports, tell us about it. New reporting features are being implemented all the time, so your feedback is welcomed.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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