October 30, 2014

Publishing RTMP from Nimble Streamer to Fastly CDN

UPDATE: RTMP publishing is now a deprecated function of Fastly CDN. However, you can use the description below as a general reference to publishing media to RTMP-compatible CDNs.

Nimble Streamer is a media server which can be used both as origin server and as an edge for end-users delivery. Some customers prefer using it as an origin server only and have content delivery network (CDN) to bring streaming media to viewers.

One of the CDNs which our customers use is Fastly CDN. It provides streaming media delivery network so our customers create Nimble Streamer origin and publish their media into Fastly. Here is a brief instruction about how you can make the setup using WMSPanel products.

1. Set up RTMP streaming in Fastly settings.

First, request support team to enable it. Then define your stream name and the stream key for authenticating your media. Use the "How do I publish a live stream?" article for details.

2. Set up Nimble Streamer

First, install Nimble Streamer if you still haven't done that yet.

Now, define RTMP streaming as described in "RTMP republishing via Nimble Streamer" article. As a result you'll have incoming and outgoing streams for further processing.

The specific step to set up Fastly streaming is the re-publishing setting. In the Live streams set up menu go to server details and its RTMP settings. There you need to choose Republishing rules tab to see the setup options.

Click on Add button to get a setup dialog to set up republishing.

Setup dialog for publishing RTMP to Fastly CDN.
The fields values will be as follows.

  • The "Source application" and "Source Stream" are the app and the stream which you made as the Nimble Streamer output.
  • Where "Destination address" will be the ingest point you selected in Fastly settings.
  • "Destination application" is the name of Fastly live streaming application.
  • "Destination stream" is your Fastly stream name with the stream key

You may also click on Multiple edit to see the text settings editing dialog and get these lines for the settings above:
    "auth_schema": "NONE",
    "dest_addr": "ash.ingest.fastly-streams.com",
    "dest_app": "live",
    "dest_app_params": "",
    "dest_login": "",
    "dest_password": "",
    "dest_port": "1935",
    "dest_strm": "yourstreamname?key=mhhYOApVGGKKqXyzJetcetc",
    "src_app": "live",
    "src_strm": "yourstreamname"
The multiple edit is very convenient for the cases like:

  • Moving settings between the servers in your account - you just copy these line, go to next server settings and paste then there.
  • Adding publishing settings for multiple streams. If you have dozens of streams, it's easier to work with text settings rather than clicking through the dialog boxes.
  • Adding multiple Fastly ingestion points for robustness purposes.

The latter cases, you can append similar settings separated by comma.

RTMP publishing into multiple ingest points of Fastly CDN.

Once the settings are saved, the stream will be published into the CDN and your viewers may enjoy the media.

This is one of the cases where Nimble Streamer can handle live streaming scenarios. Learn more about Nimble live streaming and contact us if your streaming scenarios need any updates of described functionality.

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