October 31, 2014

The State of Streaming Protocols - October 2014

WMSPanel team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols. October had a lot of connections which means more of interesting content to look at.

We still see the increase of HLS share (now it's 67%). The share of RTMP (23%) and RTSP (9%) has decreased but the absolute number of connections did not go down significantly which means that newcomers preferred HLS. Other protocols did not have significant changes. MPEG-DASH has shown a small growth by several thousands of connections.

All these metrics are calculated based on 870M+ views.

The State of Streaming Protocols October, 2014

You can compare that with September stats to see the increasing share of HLS.

The State of Streaming Protocols September, 2014

These stats are collected from more than 1200 media servers, including Wowza Streaming Engine (mostly 3.x and 4.x flavors), Nimble Streamer, Red5 and nginx-rtmp-module which we recently introduced support for.

We'll keep analyzing protocols to see the dynamics.

This report is brought to you by WMSPanel team.

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