November 26, 2014

Re-streaming SSL-protected HLS

Re-streaming of HLS streams from origin via edge server is one of the most popular features of Nimble Streamer. You can use any origin of HLS media and make it available to large number of viewers because Nimble Streamer is very light-weight and fast. So regardless of origin performance, your infrastructure will be able to handle thousands of viewers with minimum investments.

You may use secure origins so they have SSL protection for HLS traffic and use HTTPS for their connections. Now Nimble Streamer is able to use SSL to communicate to these origins for HLS re-streaming.

The output would be the same as Nimble has now. To make it use SSL, go to Re-streaming setup dialog and click on Use SSL checkbox. for the routes where origin uses HTTPS as shown below.

Set up HLS SSL re-streaming for Nimble Streamer.

If you'd like to stream the received content via SSL for your viewers, Nimble can do that as well. Read this article for details.

Re-streaming is just one of the use cases where Nimble Streamer is used. You can set it up as HLS origin for multi-bitrate live streaming as well as an origin for VOD streaming. It also has RTMP re-publishing feature set which allows setting up efficient live re-streaming across multiple origin-edge servers.

If you need more sophisticated protection for HLS, please consider using HLS AES-128 DRM encryption supported by Nimble.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding this or other Nimble Streamer features.

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