September 9, 2015

Import MPEGTS streams list from playlist

Nimble Streamer allows transmuxing the incoming MPEGTS streams for further restreaming via RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols. Until recently, it was necessary to add MPEGTS streams one by one, which was very inconvenient in case of large number of streams.

Now you can add multiple incoming MPEGTS streams from the playlist via Nimble Streamer.

To perform this settings go to "Nimble Streamer" -> "Live streams settings" -> "MPEGTS in" menu.

Click the "Add streams from playlist" button.  Specify the playlist name in which MPEGTS streams URLs are contained. Then click the "Get streams" button. You can use HTTP, HTTPS and UDP links to playlist with MPEGTS streams.

You will see the dialog in which you can select required streams via setting the checkboxes. Press the "Add selected" to add selected streams as incoming.

Selected streams will be shown in the list.

There are the restrictions for adding streams from the playlists:

  1. Maximum size of playlist should not exceed 32 kb (media server will ignore extra data);
  2. Maximum number of streams in the playlist should not exceed 500.

These limitations will protect your server from overloading.

After adding MPEGTS streams you can transmux them to HLS, RTMP or MPEG-DASH for further streaming.

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