September 23, 2015

Nimble Streamer deployment automation

WMSPanel is the official UI for Nimble Streamer and it is available under subscription model. Nimble Streamer is the free of charge media server which can run fine on lower-end servers or Virtual Machines.
Our customers have long and successful story of using automation deployment of Nimble Streamer, e.g. using Amazon Elastic Cloud. Nimble Streamer can be configured independently of WMSPanel specifying all settings via changing configuration files in manual mode.

However, to add pre-configured Nimble Streamer to WMSPanel for obtaining full statistics it was necessary to add each server in the control panel manually via the import configuration procedure.

Performing manual manipulations is very inconvenient in case of large number of media servers. That's why Nimble Streamer allows automating the process of adding pre-configured media server to WMSPanel.

Please back up your rules.conf before using this method to avoid accidental damages.

Notice that only active (not paused) settings are saved to rules.conf so only they will be restored.

Register a new server with existing rules

First, you can register a new server with a pre-configured rules.conf.
Run this command:
sudo /usr/bin/nimble_regutil -u -p password --apply-rules-conf
After that regutil registers Nimble Streamer instance and then automatically transfers the Nimble Streamer settings from /etc/nimble/rules.conf file to WMSPanel, and saves the authorization settings to the /etc/nimble/nimble.conf file for sending data to the panel, without changing the other settings.

After adding in WMSPanel, each server can be configured via Web interface. Each operation of setting up a new streaming scenario can be applied to all servers instances  immediately.

Re-apply some template rules.conf to an existing server

You can also apply some existing rules.conf file to the already registered server. You specify some rules.conf with pre-defined settings in your command and this will remove all existing settings of Nimble instance and will apply new settings instead. Use this command:
sudo /usr/bin/nimble_regutil -u -p password --reapply-rules-conf some_rules.conf
Here some_rules.conf is a file with some previously defined settings, it's an optional parameter.

Notice: This option is available only by request for subscribed customers. Contact our helpdesk in order to ask to enable this feature.

Adding via web UI

You may also consider adding an existing server via web UI. It does the same operation as described here but there you may also analyse the rules before applying them via WMSPanel.

Repairing after HW failure

If you existing server hardware has failed and/or you got new system on board, you may want to add this server as existing one rather than registering as new. Read this article for details of this operation.

With the described functionality, Nimble Streamer and WMSPanel users get additional benefits of automatic infrastructure deployment, best resilience and reliability of their streaming processes.

Cloud backups of Nimble configuration

Cloud backups of Nimble Streamer configuration: with this new feature you can save streaming configs of your Nimble Streamer instances into WMSPanel to improve redundancy. You can do it manually or automatically, the price is just 1 USD per month per backup.

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