December 30, 2015

The State of Streaming Protocols - the summary of 2015

WMSPanel team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols.

Let's review past month and also take a look at the retrospective for the year of 2015.

BTW, also check 2015 summary of our products: Nimble Streamer re-defined, mobile SDK, DVR, MPEG-DASH, HEVC and more.

December metrics calculations are based on 2 billions of views. The stats are collected from 2300+ media servers (Nimble Streamer and Wowza). MPEG-DASH keeps growing, it has 12M+ views. It's now equal to Microsoft SmoothStreaming. HLS has increased to 74% now.

The State of Streaming Protocols December, 2015
You can compare that to November stats below.

The State of Streaming Protocols - November 2015.

You can also compare that to December 2014 statistics

The State of Streaming Protocols December, 2014
A few quick facts about this year looking at this and all other charts from past months:
  • The HLS share was pretty constant through the year balancing around 70% between 69% and 74%.
  • A significant change is the growth of MPEG-DASH which now has 12+ millions of views approaching to 1% share from just a few hundred views (literally 0% share) last year. Nimble Streamer DASH capabilities were transformed into a full-scale feature set so many of our customers made their bet on this technology.
  • MPEG-DASH left HDS behind now competing with SmoothStreaming.
  • Adding RTSP playback support in Nimble Streamer, along with its popularity growth, gave an increase for RTSP share as well.
  • RTMP was continuously going down from 22% to 13%.

This year again we saw the continuous evolution of streaming protocols towards HTTP-based formats. We expect MPEG-DASH to gain more popularity within 2016.

We'll keep analyzing protocols to see the dynamics. Check our updates at FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or LinkedIn.

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