December 25, 2015

H.265 HEVC VOD transmuxing for MPEG-DASH

Nimble Streamer has a wide feature set for VOD streaming for HLS and MPEG-DASH. These formats use H.264/AVC as their default codec. As media streaming technologies evolve over time, a new H.265/HEVC codec was introduced a few years ago. This is a more efficient codec, especially for 4K and upcoming 8K streaming as they require huge bandwidth consumption hence the need for a codec with better compression.

Our team made the first step towards HEVC and today we introduce VOD transmuxing to MPEG-DASH from MP4 encoded with H.265. Our company is a member of DASH Industry Forum so we collaborate with other members to promote this standard.

Transmuxing for H.265 setup is made the same way as it's done for MP4 transmuxing for H.264. Other features are also supported, such as transmuxing from remote HTTP storage and adaptive bitrate support via SMIL.

Read Nimble Streamer HEVC digest page to see full set of HEVC-related features.

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