October 31, 2016

October news

October brought some good news for our customers.

First of all, we're honored to see Nimble Streamer as a finalist of Streaming Media Europe Readers Choice Awards in the "Best Streaming Innovation" nomination. We thank everyone who voted for us and hope to get more highlights by the industry press in future.

Speaking of industry  highlights, we are glad to see Radiant Media Player team now considers Nimble Streamer as fully supported media server. You can see us among the partners of this excellent solution.

Live Transcoder

Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder now has full support for NVidia hardware encoding acceleration via NVENC for H.264. It's available for both Windows and Linux platforms.
You can read this article for more details about the setup and capabilities.

Our customers report on huge off-load of their CPU when using GPU via our Transcoder.

Nimble Streamer

Nimble has improvements for both VOD and live scenarios.

When setting up origin-edge delivery configuration with RTMP delayed pull option, you may experience some delay on the viewer side starting the playback from edge. We've added a new option for origin side which you can use for decreasing the buffer. Read this article for more details.

Audio-only and video-only transmuxing for ABR VOD HLS is now supported. You will use SMIL files for that purpose, read this article for more details.

Mobile SDK

Larix mobile SDK was improved for both iOS and Android.

  • iOS SDK now has Larix sample application with Swift 3 support along with improved audio quality.
  • Android has streaming enhancements as well as sound Mute support.

Latest versions of SDK packages will be sent to our customers this week. Subscribe here to get those in case you haven't done it yet.


Our media streams monitoring service has a few updates as well

When you make setup for streams check-overs, you can now select to alert on email and push API when at least one checkpoint reports offline or when all checkpoints report offline.
For your convenience the subject also now contains stream name with checkpoint names, like "Stream offline alert (1/6) - Nimble Promo Video AMS1"

The last but not the least update: check the State of Streaming Protocols for October 2016.

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