November 15, 2016

Nimble Streamer control for non-admin WMSPanel users

Nimble Streamer can be controlled in two ways. First one is to change config files, the second one is to use WMSPanel as a web UI.

WMSPanel is the easiest way to manage your streaming infrastructure based on Nimble Streamer. You can access via any browser and apply settings to multiple servers.

Secure your account in 3 easy steps article gives more ideas about working securely in WMSPanel.

Usually only account admins could control Nimble Streamer behavior. Now, WMSPanel allows those admins to give permission to non-admin users for controlling Nimble Streamer instances. You can specify which servers they may control and then set up white label access to WMSPanel to change the look-and-feel on the panel in order to make it look like you need.

Let's see how you can give that access.

Go to Control -> Users management menu to see the list of current users.

Users list

Now click on Abilities link on the designated user line to see the following dialog.

Servers selection dialog

Here you can see the list of the servers which you have now in your account. Select those which you need to give access for and slick on Save.

After that, the selected user will be able to do all the setup of his/her Nimble Streamer instance, just like the account administrator.

Slice-wide permissions

You can also define permissions for all users in particular slice. Read this article for more details.

Two-factor authentication

Any WMSPanel user may enable two-factor authentication for his user account. Please read this article for more details.

If you have any questions about our feature set, please contact our helpdesk.

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