May 5, 2017

FAQ: Why are you better than your competitors?

Our trial users often ask us similar questions like "How are your solutions better than competitors' products? What are your benefits and advantages over products X, Y or Z? Why should I choose you instead of competitors?"

So basically the question is "Why do you think you are better than your competitors?"

The short answer is simple: You tell us why.

OK, let us give you more detailed answer.

Your project needs tools for media streaming, such as a media server, or a transcoder, or a mobile broadcasting solution. So you make a list of your own requirements and your perfect solution must comply with them.

The next step for you is to make a list of solutions you'd like to try before making your choice. Each product category has several candidates these days but the list will not be huge anyway.

Now the real work starts. You should install and try every candidate solution you find proper. Yes, install it, set it up and run your own test use cases and scenarios.
You should take a look at these areas of expertise:

  • Feature set. This is what you're actually looking for the most. All solutions on the market have ~80% of their functionality be the same. Some solutions are unique in their own area of expertise - and that 20% difference might be something needed for your project. And of course you need to check every feature you want to use, don't trust marketing materials.
  • Cost of ownership. Both CAPEX and OPEX should be considered, including license cost, hardware cost, consultants pricing etc. You must know your total expenses and revenues better than anyone, so use simple math instead of salesforce to help you.
  • Support and documentation. You should carefully check how each company support team handles your requests. You may need their help in future so need to be sure they will help accurately and on time. You don't want that documentation to be outdated and you expect it to help, not to confuse. Ask questions to support team in case if docs cannot clarify some points. 
  • Legal questions. Make sure the selected products have appropriate license agreements for used patents and technologies. Like we have. You don't want to find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit for patent infringements.

All these points matter, so you should carefully check them.

If you ask anyone about their solutions instead of trying yourself, you will probably be told lots of good things but no one's advice can compare with your own experience.

Trust your conclusions, don't listen to anyone, make your own decisions and decide what's best for you.

Another important point is that you should not rely on a single solution or tool set, you need to be familiar with several solutions. You can use them as soon as your requirements change or if any current solution becomes compromised or its support becomes discontinued.

Hopefully we answered your initial question.

Take a look at this page regarding adoption of our products and if you still have something to ask, just contact us.

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