May 3, 2017

Encoding to MP3 with Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder

MP3 audio format is widely used besides AAC. In April of 2017, the last patent related to MP3 expired. So it can now be used with no royalties or other limitations as part of audio processing and transmission scenarios.

Our Live Transcoder now allows taking various audio formats as input, such as

  • AAC
  • MP3
  • MP2
  • Speex
  • PCM G.711 (a-law and μ-law)

The output audio formats now are

  • AAC
  • MP3

So you can now easily transcode AAC to MP3. You can also apply various audio filters like re-sampling, transrating or audio channels manipulations.

This can be used as part of Nimble Streamer audio streaming capabilities.

Let's take a look at a simple scenario which takes incoming video+audio stream and transcodes audio into MP3, regardless of its original audio format.

As you see we've set video channel to pass-through. Audio channel is decoded with default software decoder and then encoded again. Here is the encoder settings dialog.

You set Encoder field to "lame_mp3" - this is what  we use for encoding - and the Codec field is automatically set to MP3.

That's it. Save encoder settings, then save scenario and it will be applied to your transcoder instance. The specified source stream will be transcoded as defined.


This software uses code of LAME MP3 licensed under the LGPL and its source and build script can be downloaded here.

Feel free to visit Live Transcoder webpage for other transcoding features description and contact us if you have any question.

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