July 27, 2017

VP8 and VP9 support in SLDP HTML5 player

Our customers keep adding our new real-time low latency protocol SLDP into their streaming workflows as it allows sub-second delay for live streaming delivery. Some basic usage of SLDP protocol is described in this article which describes typical usage scenarios.

People ask us about adding new capabilities into SLDP technology. One of them is adding VP8 and VP9 codecs - those are open and royalty free video coding formats developed by Google. Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder now supports these protocols transcoding in addition to already supported VP8/VP9 transmuxing feature set.

SLDP is codec-agnostic protocol so in order to have full support for VP8/VP9 from source to the viewer, we only needed to add it into our HTML5 player.

So today we'd like to announce that VP8 and VP9 support was added into SLDP HTML5 web player. This type of playback fully depends on platform support, so it can be currently played in Chrome, Firefox and Opera and possibly in Microsoft browsers over time.

You can use SLDP for streaming in various bitrate modes. First you can stream single-bitrate VP8/VP9 if you know your target audience can play it.

Another option is to create ABR group to include streams encoded with both H.264 and VP8/VP9. In this case our SLDP HTML5 player will choose stream with H.264 codec if target browser or platform doesn't support VP8/VP9 playback. That would give you capabilities for flexible delivery of your content to multiple platforms.

We'll be adding other codecs support per our customers' requests so please contact us to get help or suggest new features.

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