April 2, 2018

Live Transcoder wildcard scenarios

Live Transcoder for Nimble Streamer is a powerful tool for easy transformation of your live content. One of its most popular cases is creating multiple renditions from single input which is used for ABR live streaming setup like real-time SLDP ABR streaming.

To process multiple streams, you typically need to specify a new scenario for every transcoded stream, this means you need to have a set of decoders, filters and encoders for each.
Even though Live Transcoder has a very convenient and easy-to-use drag-n-drop UI, this may be annoying for setting up big amount of streams.

This is why we have wildcard capabilities in transcoding scenarios:

  1. You may specify just application name as a baseline for separating different types of scenarios.
  2. For each incoming stream in this application, its stream name will be taken as is and it will be used for output stream names.

Wildcard scenario setup

Let's take a look at a simple scenario where we have origin application which will have multiple streams. We'll make a scenario to downscale the resolution and have audio channel being passed through. Here's we have an empty new scenario.

Add new decoder - it will have applicaiton name, with stream name left blank.

Then we'll create an encoder with application called live. Instead of a stream name we'll put {STREAM} placeholder.

Then we'll add a scaling filter and also set up audio passthrough. That passthrough will have same settings for origin and result stream.

So now if you publish /origin/camera1 stream, it will be transcoded to a lower resolution, with output stream name as /live/camera1.

Wildcard wizard

This approach is used in one of the Transcoder wizards which is created to simplify the process of creating new scenarios. Being in transcoder scenarios main page, click on Transcoding wizard button and then select Adaptive bitrate streaming.

You'll be able to enter incoming Application name and then leave Stream name blank. Clicking next, you'll see a page which proposes to specify names and select respective renditions for downscaled streams.

You can also change the output stream name and then finish the editing. You'll get the following result scenario.

Using a wildcard approach you may create a flexible scenarios perfectly fit for your use cases.

If you have any questions regarding any functionality, just let us know.

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