April 1, 2018

Softvelum 2018 Q1 news

First quarter of 2018 gave us several great features and updates.

Before reading further, check the State of Streaming Protocols for Q1 2018 - HLS is on the rise again, SLDP gains momentum, take a look.

Nimble Advertizer

Softvelum released a new premium functionality for Nimble Streamer called Nimble Advertizer. It's a server-side ads insertion framework based on Nimble Streamer.
It allows:

  • Pre-roll ads per each connection
  • Flexible timing for mid-roll ads
  • Per-stream ads insertion
  • Personalized ads
  • Customizable business logic

Those capabilities are supported for RTMP, SLDP and Icecast output protocols, having all other supported protocols for input.
Take a look at Advertizer website for read more details and download technical spec.

Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer brought some attention within the industry.

How to Create a Live HLS Feed With HEVC: a new highly detailed article by Jan Ozer explaining how to make fMP4 live streams with Nimble Streamer.
We've also released a blog post describing HEVC transcoding Amazon EC2 instances - which instance types will work best for you for that kind of transcoding.

Take a look at Reliable Low Latency Delivery with SRT+SLDP - an article in Haivision blog describing a combination of SRT and SLDP protocols for building reliable delivery networks.
Softvelum has also partnered with Haivision to provide a 10% discount for their SRT-enabled encoders, check this blog post for details.

We get questions regarding Nimble Streamer usage in high load use cases and scenarios.
Take a look at performance tuning guide for live streaming via Nimble Streamer.

For those who extensively uses SSL for their streaming use cases, check our support for multiple certificates and domains.

Mobile SDKs

Larix mobile SDK is being updated all the time to include new features and improvements.

Our streaming library now supports publishing via SRT in Push mode for both Android and iOS. This allows improving the publishing process within unreliable networks. Read more about SRT and its usage in Nimble Steamer and feel free to try SRT in action using Larix Broadcaster free app.

Mobile playback solutions now support Icecast playback widely used for online radios.
We've also improved our web player to handle fallback for iOS browsers by opening stremainf in SLDP player.

You may also check SDKs release notes for all latest updates and use this page to subscribe for SDKs and their support.

That's it. Stay tuned for more updates and follow us at Facebook and Twitter to get latest news and updates of our products and services.

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