March 17, 2019

Server tags in WMSPanel

WMSPanel has been the best web service for media servers reporting for many year so far. We're improving our reporting and monitoring capabilities all the time.

Following the feedback from our customers we've improved our servers management page.

Now you can assign any number of tags to each media server instance and filter them by those tags in servers list. This especially helps customers with significant number of servers to distinct them by their functions and purposes.

To define the tags for a server, go to servers list (Servers top menu). Here you can click on gear icon and select Edit item or click on server name and them click Edit on a newly opened page. You will see server details page.

The Tags edit field will allow entering multiple tags.

Once you save data, you will see server details. Once you go back to servers list, you will see new added tags as well as "All" and "No tags" items. You can click on any number of tags, this will show only those servers which have the selected tags. Clicking on "All" will reset the filter and show all servers. "No tags" will show those servers which have no tags at the moment.

We believe this will help you work with your servers more convenient.

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