March 31, 2019

The State of Streaming Protocols - 2019 Q1

Softvelum team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols. It's based on stats from WMSPanel reporting service which handles data from Wowza Streaming Engine and Nimble Streamer servers - there were 3800+ servers on average this quarter. WMSPanel collected data about more than 14 billion views. Total view time for our server products is nearly nearly 1.7 billion hours this quarter, or 18+ million view hours per day.

Let's take a look at the chart and numbers of this quarter.

You can see HLS share has increased to 74% with RTMP going down to 12%. It's early to say for sure but this might be one of the first signs of shifting from RTMP due to its future decline. We'll see the progress through the year.

The State of Streaming Protocols - Q1 2019 

You may compare that to the picture of 2018 streaming protocols landscape:

The State of Streaming Protocols - 2018
We'll keep analyzing protocols to see the dynamics. Check our updates at Facebook and Twitter.

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