April 10, 2019

SCTE-35 markers passthrough

Nimble Streamer covers wide variety of live streaming scenarios for numerous use cases. Some of them are related to advertising solutions which involve the usage of SCTE-35 markers which need to be delivered through Nimble Streamer without interruption and alternation.

Following the requests from our clients we added support for passing through the SCTE-35 markers  from incoming MPEG-TS and HLS streams into output MPEG-TS and HLS delivery. So if your original stream has some markers in it, they will be passed through into the outgoing stream.

To enable this feature you need to add the following parameter into Nimble Streamer config file:
scte35_processing_enabled = true
You can read this page to find out how exactly you can make changes to Nimble Streamer config.

If you find any issues with SCTE-35 passthrough, please file us a support ticket so we could help you.

Nimble Advertizer

Nimble Advertizer, our server-side ads insertion framework, has full support for ads insertion with SCTE-35 markers. Take a look at its tech spec and demo page.

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