June 13, 2019

Inserting ads by Nimble Advertizer using SCTE-35 markers

Nimble Advertizer is a server-side ads insertion framework for Nimble Streamer. Its business logic may be defined by both a dynamic handler and a pre-defined config, you can find full tech specification here.

Ads insertion time points within a live stream can be set in 3 ways:
  1. Specify the exact moment of time in GMT.
  2. Time spots relative to the beginning of the viewing session.
  3. According to SCTE-35 markers from the original stream.
The SCTE-35 markers are part of original streams delivered via MPEG-TS and HLS streams which Nimble Streamer is able to accept for input.

Before you start using SCTE-35, you need to add the following parameter into Nimble Streamer config file:
scte35_processing_enabled = true
You can read this page to find out how exactly you can make changes to Nimble Streamer config.

Here's a brief summary of how Nimble Streamer handles the markers for ads insertion:
  1. You create a handler app which will tell Nimble how to operate ads. This may also be plain JSON file with static pre-defined setting. Advertizer spec described handler in more details.
  2. Nimble Streamer processes incoming MPEG-TS and HLS streams with SCTE-35 markers to get the original content.
  3. Nimble Advertizer calls your handler app or static config and gets response with ads scenarios.
  4. Advertizer gets files with ads content to process them via Nimble Streamer according to ads scenarios logic defined by handler response.
  5. If the handler response defines that current stream needs to insert ads according to SCTE-35 markers (by using "time-sync":"scte35" field), Nimble inserts the ads into original media right at the time points specified in SCTE-35 marker.
  6. You can use this file as example of handler response which defines the usage of markers.
  7. End user connects to Nimble and watches media stream containing original content mixed with advertisements. The ads will be inserted at full length, e.g. if your ad file is 30 seconds, the viewr will watch it all and then will see the original stream.

You can find example of handler response with marker-based insertion as well as other samples in Advertizer github repo. You can read all information regarding Advertizer usage on its website.

You may also insert SCTE-35 markers any moment to trigger ads insertion or pass them though for further use.

Also, check this: PlayDeck made a tutorial of how to generate SCTE-35 markers from their product and use them with Nimble Streamer HLS output.

If you find any issues with SCTE-35 ads insertion, please file us a support ticket so we could help you.

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